‘Distinction in Arts’ at Carnation Elementary

artsedAs reported in The Woodinville Weekly:
At the most recent Riverview School Board meeting there was literally standing room only, as many district teachers, administrators and parents gathered to share in the celebration of the recent Distinction in Arts Award of Carnation Elementary.

Carnation was one of three Washington state public schools selected for their outstanding school arts programs, and recognized for making all components of the arts – dance, music, theater, and visual arts an essential part of all students’ education. Education in the arts supports a deeper understanding across multiple academic areas, ensuring that kids are truly exited about learning.

For Carnation Principal Doug Poage, the development of the art infused learning process has been years in the making. It began in 2005 when a community member introduced him to the non-profit arts education organization ArtsEd Washington, and the new Principals’ Arts Leadership (PAL) program.

Doug then joined with the other elementary principals in Riverview to participate in this innovative program.

ArtsEd Executive Director Una McAlinden said, “The principal is the key to any school. Principal leadership and encouragement truly ignites the entire school.”

She continued, “The PAL program was the catalyst for the award winning success story we are celebrating here tonight.”

Also on hand to celebrate this extraordinary award were Dr. Jonell Adams – WSSDA, Sybil Barnum – Arts Impact, Carolyn Butler – Duvall Cultural Commission and Ann Rene Joseph – O.S.P.I.

As reported in The Woodinville Weekly:

The executive director of the Washington State School Directors Association, Dr. Jonelle Adams, was also on hand to express her praise of the Riverview School Board and Carnation Elementary for their dedication to the arts.

She explained, “Research shows that students highly involved in the arts achieve consistently better outcomes and this includes better grades, less likelihood of dropping out, and more positive attitudes about school.”

Additional information can be found at the ArtsEd website:  http://www.artsedwashington.org.